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I saw a few illustrators using Labor Day to reflect on their first jobs. My first *real* job was at an ice cream shop on a farm. I worked there from age 15-19. I will never be able to wrap my mind around how mean people can be when getting ice cream. I still think everyone should work food service for a year of their life so they will learn to be nicer to their servers. Working there helped me to be less shy which I am thankful for. But all I can say is, always leave a tip for your ice cream server because you would not believe the wrath a middle-aged woman can have on them when they give her the wrong colored sprinkles. I think my favorite was a woman exploding at me because her ice cream was too cold. Crazy.

I agree with everything here. Retail and food service suck, but they do shape you. Happy Labor Day!!

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as a skinny person, you are catered to and you don’t even realize it. did you ask for that? no and i understand that. but you will never cry your eyes out in a dressing room because even the largest size doesn’t fit. you will never deal with rejection from a guy solely because of your weight. you are socially accepted.

is any kind of body shaming disgusting? yes. but please don’t act like you’d rather be fat. 

Some people don’t mind being fat. Some people even don’t mind if you’re fat.

And what about people who are anorexic? You will never cry in a dressing room because you think the smallest size is not small enough. You will never deal with rejection for a guy because your too frail and weak to walk out the door. At least being overweight shows that you are wealthy enough to eat all you want.

Please don’t act like you’d rather be anorexic.


I realize that this is totally unsolicited and I’m just playing lawyer to point out that there are two sides to everything because I can and that this won’t actually accomplish anything. BUT I would like to say two things.

One, don’t you fucking dare tell everyone how to feel about their bodies. Maybe their mental game is a lot stronger than yours and they don’t actually mind being bigger. Being bigger is not a bad thing, you dick!

Two, Maybe, just maybe, if you’re going to open your fucking mouth about anything that generalizes people the way you did, you can at least make it positive! OR OR OR Even better yet, you can not say a god damn thing because maybe it would have never occurred to people that they are not normal fucking human beings who aren’t perfectly happy in their own skin.

What a fucking thought that is!

Don’t bring people down to your miserable level just so you can have some company, that’s not nice. Take steps to love yourself so we can all be happy being who we are together.

The Velvet Teen- 333

I cannot get enough of this band!! They are quickly taking over my life. Here is the first song off what I think is their best album, Cum Laude!

Still kicking myself that I didn’t know about them in high school.

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Best way to celebrate 10 years of Silent Alarm? “Make more records..”




Some good Bloc Party news. Some positivity. Kele Okereke had a chat with Aussie music news MusicFeeds and the inevitable subject of Bloc Party was brought back to life. Kele was asked how the band were planning to commemorate for the 10 year anniversary of the glorified Bloc debut, Silent Alarm and he responded interestingly..

“I think the most impressive thing that we could do as a band would be to respond [by] looking forward and keep on making music to say that we’re still motivated.” 

"I think that’s more important than revival or some kind of nostalgic experience. I feel that the band isn’t some record – at this point it’s a collection of records – and I feel that the best way to honour that would be to make more records, not just to look back to where we were.”

“I don’t think that sort of thing does much good for artists. I always cringe a little bit when you hear about bands going around just touring on a kind of anniversary record. I feel that it just seems a little bit cynical.”

YES! Kele wants Bloc Party to make new records! And so does the rest of the world. We can only hope the rest of the band feels the same way. Read the rest of the MusicFeed interview with Kele HERE.

Rejoice at the sight of good Bloc Party news! x

Yes!! This is very good news.

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Motion City Soundtrack- Point Of Extinction

Song of the day. This song will keep me going today, even though I’m tired and a little fed up with somethings.

There’s no were you can hide from the lessons or the lies that bind them.

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"You know, I never realized you were so tall."


"How ‘bout that. You are a tall drink of water. Hmm…you know what that’d be great for? Volleyball."

Tami Taylor’s face after realizing how tall Tyra Collette is.

I watched it 5 times.

Connie Britton is a genius.

Friday Night Lights

Hahaha this is so funny! I love this epi. Tami Taylor is too funny.