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Paramore- Careful

Song of the day 8-23-14. (I should start doing song of the day-s again. I haven’t done them in forever.)

The reason why this is song of the day is because I have a lot of work to do so it’s no time to be lazy. I’ve come too far in the past year to just be lazy now. 

I’m doing what I’m doing because I love it and it’s what I want my life to be. I could easily move back to VT where nothing ever happens and be “Careful” because I wont have to try or put myself out there for anything. I could easily live out my days there where it’s safe and careful. OR I can keep doing what I’m doing, which is the opposite, and try to give my life some fulfillment while doing what I love.

I choose to continue to reach out a little more :) (incredibly cheesy… I know)

You can’t be too careful anymore
When all that is waiting for you
Won’t come any closer
You’ve got to reach out a little more

Reblogging myself from just a little bit ago to say HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to this awesome album.

I fucking hate how application make you put down all your school info and job history even tho it’s RIGHT THERE IN YOUR FUCKING RESUME! I mean, why the fuck should I even upload my resume and cover letter if you’re just going to make me rewrite everything that’s on it!?

FUCK! At least your mom doesn’t have to write down any of that shit because everyone already knows her previous work history is my dick!! FUCK YOU!


I really… I don’t get it. All that work, all that funding to back up a project that is really horrible. There are so many filmmakers out there that actually have something to say and know what they are doing you’re the one who gets all the funding?

It looks good, yes. It’s all look and no substance. I don’t get it.

Satoshi Kon- Editing Space And Time

I believe I have posted some of this guys videos before, but Tony Zhou is a filmmaker how makes all these AMAZING videos about different aspects of film and focuses on different directors works.

Apart from having, what I think is, an great taste of great directors and films to focus on, he also brings amazing insight into important, and most of the time overlooked aspects of film.

In this one he focuses on Satoshi Kon, an incredible animation director and a long time favorite of mine, and his unusual techniques in editing. You won’t be sorry you watched this.

A brief history of animation cels and their technique. Very cool… because I’m a film nerd.

HA get it!? FILM nerd!? Because animation cels are made out of celluloid and celluloid is what film is made out of… film nerd… get it? I’m fucking hilarious!